How Do I Start The Process of Becoming A IFA Devotee?

The IFAGlobal basic process order for a new beginner/devotee who wants to start there new life and process into the culture of IFA


Step 1

Divination Process

For a new beginner or a devotee will begin the divination process.  This is the first and very most important step. A Beginner will have to go through a process of monthly divinations for 6 - 12 months.   

Step 2

Ebo spiritual process comes after a person receives a divination.  This helps to shift, change or upgrade the person' situation pertaining to the divination. This is extremely important to complete within 1-17 days from the divination.

Step 3

Ori Mental Head

Monthly head/body rogations is essential for a person who is a new beginner.  This process helps to clear any negativity and bring clarity to a person' spiritual progression.

A person who is a beginner would need to take online classes to have a better overstanding of the culture of IFA.  The Devotee will have to be part of community work and events.  i.e  helping maintain the IFA Temple, feeding the homeless etc.

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