IFA Global System For IFA Devotees 

As a newcomer/devotee or person who is serious about travelling the path and rites of passage into the traditional system of IFA.  It is important for you to maintain monthly IFA Divinations with IFA Global  and complete the prescribed ebo rituals in order for you to see and witness the changes of elevation in your life.  IFA is a practical culture and therefore for you help elevate your life it requires maintenance, perseverance , trust, patience and consistency on your part. 


Throughout your progress you are encouraged to work towards completing the below

ceremonies.  These ceremonies consist of tools and sacred knowledge, wisdom and overstanding towards your spiritual growth enabling you to will help you  to strengthen your Ori , destiny and character development. 

PLEASE NOTE:  For those who are training  to become Babalawo, Iyanifa IFA Doctor Healers to work and become custodians of the Priesthood sacred society of IFA on behalf of their community and for their family.  It is mandatory through IFA Global code of conduct and required for you complete all ceremonies and rites of passage below.

Ori Ceremony

Ancestors Ceremony Program

Eleke Orisha Ceremony 

The Warriors Ceremony

Hand Of IFA Ceremony

Males Rites of passage 

Female Rites of passage

IFA Initiation 

Orisha Initiation